Quilting by Celia

Quilting by Celia

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Orca Bay part 4, Civil War blocks and Button Collection

I have started Part 4 of Orca Bay mystery quilt.
I have a lot of red fabrics so the variety will make the blocks quite interesting...
Hope to complete the required blocks before part 5 is published next Friday.

Barbara Brackman's  weekly block quilt-along is coming to an end, so I'm trying to catch up with previous blocks.
Here's three more done.

Susan made me this one.

I have been preparing the pieces for another Civil War Bride block but not quite enough done to show at the moment.

I'll share with you some of my collection of buttons, starting with the novelty ones....
Some I have purchased in Australia, others in New York, Toronto and Johannesburg.

These are just odds and ends and quite a few came from my grand-mother's sewing box over 30 year's ago.


  1. Another great sewing week. Your mystery quilt is going nicely, I wonder how it will look.
    your civil was blocks look fabulous, I love the fabrics. About your buttons...I LOVE them. I'm crazy about buttons but I don't have enough to mention the word collection. On the other hand yours is fantastic.
    Feliz Natal para todos,

  2. Mmmm Loving the reds and the civil war blocks look great - great buttons! Do you use them in projects much?

  3. Oooh lots of buttons! What a lovely collection.

    Good start on your red strings! I haven't gotten very far yet, will probably be sewing my little heart out trying to keep my mind off my doggie having surgery this week.

  4. Your reds for Orca Bay look great !

  5. Celia,

    os blocos estão lindos, quero ver a colcha como ficará com eles. Também adoro botões, quando vou as feiras de patch, sempre compro alguns, acho que eles enfeitam muito os trabalhos.

    Beijos e obrigada pelo carinho de sempre.

  6. Celia, I love your variety of reds. That is going to make a stunning quilt. I am especially interested in your buttons...I am a member of our local button club and have become fascinated with the variety of materials used to make buttons over the ages. Do you have a particular kind or type of button that is your favourite? Looking forward to seeing more.

  7. Celia, I love your reds in your Orca Bay triangles and your Civil War blocks are gorgeous and so is your button collection.
    I have a collection of buttons too and this year, when I went out to visit my mum in Spain, I brought back a couple of bags of my mum's buttons she had in her sewing box. There's just something about them that says save me. I just wish I had thought to ask for my grandmother's buttons after she passed away. Alas, they were thrown out :( Elly

  8. Your blocks are fab. Love the buttons and your tutorials! Thanks.

  9. Great collection of reds. You are doing a great job of staying caught up.

  10. All your blocks are beautiful and you have some unusual buttons. I'll bet that they are tempting to children. How special that many were your grandmother.

  11. It was fun to "travel" thru you wonderful pictures! The fun/great colors in the blocks and you interesting/cute/pretty buttons! Thanks for sharing your pictures. =)



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