Quilting by Celia

Quilting by Celia

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Travelling anyone ???

We all have our own ways of organising our documents and other valuable items when we travel.

I made myself my own travel organiser wallet from these two gorgeous fabrics depiting landmarks of Sydney and Melbourne.

To personalise even more I made some embroidery for the front.

I didn't have a pattern but I knew I needed a couple of more secured pockets, so I added zipper to them.

Made a place for the pens along the centre.

On one side, I used the fabric for Melbourne that shows MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground), trams, The Arts Centre, Flinders Street Station, palm trees, etc...

On the other side, I used the fabric with Sydney's landmarks such as the Opera House, the Bridge, surfing, etc..

I also made a matching pouch with a little teddy to accompany me on my travels...
The teddy took a lot longer to make than the pouch..

 Here they are together ready to be used...

I want to give a shout-out to my friend Gloria's blog, Panos, Linhas e Pontos ; she is an artist and I enjoy looking at her fabric creations as well.  Have a look at her latest project which is a very creative and beautiful table topper.

On another topic; I am open for suggestions to what format is more popular for blog posts.
Some people love to read posts with more text while others want lots of pictures. I always feel that images tell the story better than lots of words for crafty projects but I guess it's a question of balance...
Another thing I am trying to establish, is what is the best time to blog ? I don't finish lots of projects every week so I don't generally post more than once a week. But do people check blogs more on weekends or weekdays ?

Anyway, please give me some feedback as I'm trying to focus om improving the way I share my projects with people.

Thank you for all my followers and the encouragement I receive...