Quilting by Celia

Quilting by Celia

Friday, July 13, 2012

Modern Mini Quilt & fabric Shopping

I'm having an extended weekend and with the weather at the moment being cold and wet, what I love doing most is .... sewing and listening to Smooth Jazz.

So here is what I completed today.  The inspiration came from looking at recent blogs and I just loved the simplicity of the design.
When my daughter saw it completed, she named it Hippie Quilt.

All the fabrics came from my stash.  I have been collecting modern and fresh looking fabrics for a while now.  
Like so many lovers of fabric, there ain't too many fabrics I don't like in spite of lately mainly working on Reproduction style fabrics.The newsprint fabric I purchased in my last visit to New York, The City Quilter.

For the quilting on the border, I used perle cotton by doing a running stitch of six different colours.

I got a a few fabrics earlier in the week from Kay England's collection called "Bread and Butter" as welll as others that took my fancy (cat prints). 
Lynne, who works at the store ( Darn Cheap Fabrics  ) where I got these, is always so inspirational with the possibilities of new projects to make with the fabrics she sells at such great prices, so I never leave the store empty handed !
Incidently, she does beautiful work herself and I'm trying to encourage her to start her own blog so we can all see her beautiful quilts and stitcheries she creates.

And now for some music...... any Smooth Jazz fans out there that read my blog ???

I'm sharing another American smooth jazz artist by the name of Euge Groove. 
I was lucky enough to see him live in California a couple of years back and he's a very dynamic entertainer. 
He'll soon be releasing a new album which I'll get getting, but but for now here is a song from his last album  "S7ven Large".