Quilting by Celia

Quilting by Celia

Friday, May 11, 2012

Gifts, CWB block 16 and mini quilt

Friendship comes in so many unexpected ways in our lives... 
It may start with some simple words and people may touch your heart without we realising at the time. That has been the case in my life over the years.
I  'met' Angela over the web, a fellow crafter who lives in the United Kingdom and has been sharing some of her work and life on her blog.

This past  Monday I came home to find this beautiful gift she made me  along with a beautiful written card explaining the meaning of the salmon cross stitch pattern for a native American birth totem.

Thank you so much Angela, I will always cherish this piece of art and it's now in my studio.

And today, I got spoilt again.

My friend Gloria  from Brazil, sent me a parcel with these gorgeous fabrics made in Brazil as well as these buttons made from coconut shells. I collect buttons and these are really special and different.  Gloria,  like so many of us quilters, also loves stitching, so she made me the lovely Redwork pin cushion with the word "Bordado"  that translates to  "stitchery".  Thank you Gloria.

I guess after these most thoughtful gifts, my Mother's Day weekend is beginning to shape up as a great one.
I asked my husband and daughter to just give me the gift of time.... no presents, just to allow me to spend the whole day in my studio on Sunday to play with my fabrics and listen to music without any interruptions.

Now for some completed projects done this week...

Completed block 16 (4 to go) for the Civil War Bride quilt. For the remainder of the blocks, I am thinking of  making my own designs.  

I also finished last night  "Listen to my Heart". This quilt
is rather special for me...

Have a good weekend everyone and may you be inspired in whatever you do !


  1. what lovely gifts! Those fabrics are lovely and so cheerful.
    Your hearts quilt looks beautiful you have done a great job.
    your civil war bride block is great, must be good to be on the home stretch.

  2. no better way to bring a smile to one's face! Such lovely and happy gifts. enjoy them.
    I love your quilt 'Listen to my Heart'. It is very inspirational.

  3. Celia,

    este novo bloco ficou belíssimo. E a colcha "escuta meu coração" ficou fantástica. Linda inspiração.
    Feliz Dia das Mães.


  4. Hi Celia,
    You lucky girl, the gifts you've received are awesome. Great cross stitch and a couple of lovely Brazilian fabrics.
    Your CWB block is stunning, what a great quilt it will be.
    I love your listen to my heart quilt, It's so beautiful.
    Have a nice week-end,

  5. Celia unos trabajos y telas preciosos.
    Besitos Lily

  6. What beautiful, thoughtful gifts! I am intrigued by your little quilt, 'Listen to my heart', and have a feeling that there is a story behind it, no? Are the heart fabrics from family things? Is beautiful applique.

    suntred02 at aol dot com

  7. I'm so glad that my little piece arrived with you safe and sound and that you like it :)

  8. Hi Celia, hope all is well with you.
    I was truly inspired by your quilt 'Listen to your Heart',
    and being away from home for so long, I am following suit and
    will start this quilt too, if you don't mind.
    I got a nice cup of tea and nothing better than to 'Listen to my Heart'
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    all the best


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