Quilting by Celia

Quilting by Celia

Sunday, March 25, 2012

CWB block 14 and stars

Just a quick post of the block I completed this week.

Out of the 20 blocks and borders I have to do, this is the 14th done for the Civil War Bride quilt.

I received from Jan-Maree these cute star blocks we swap each month.  I send her log cabin blocks.

In my display below I'm showing you a cross-stitch I have in my studio made over 12 years ago.
I still have a couple of unfinished cross-stitch projects which I would like to complete one day.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Placemats, CWB block and Pouch

While going through my stash early in the week I found this novelty print with apples.

Used my large tumbler die and made this placemat.

Also tried the smaller tumbler and I prefer it....

Finally finished another block for the Civil War Bride quilt. 

And later today I made myself this pouch from other novelty fabrics I have. No surprise that I have a number of music related prints.
Do you notice the button ? 

The back of the bag I embroidered some special words related to feelings that music evokes in me  "Music and memories are found within our hearts".

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Gifts, blocks and Chris Botti

For those who follow my blog, its no surprise for you that I love music just as much as I love quilting. So today, for the second time I had the opportunity to see Chris Botti (American Jazz trumpeter) live in my hometown of Melbourne.  The show was amazing and in the end I had a chance to have a foto taken with him which made my day.

Now back to quilting ...
I have been re-arranging some of my linen cupboards and found some old quilts I made quite a while ago. This one I made 10 years ago and its machine pieced and quilted.   I always love red and green quilts.

Here is a closeup of one of the blocks.

I'll take more pictures of other old quilts I made and will post on future blog posts.

This week I purchased a few fatquarters of some modern looking fabrics, which I have been using...

in the block of the month  hosted by Craftsy. I made 3 blocks this week.

I am having fun playing with grey and yellow, which are combinations I have never tried before.

Yellow is such a fabulous colour to add to other colours...

My friend Teresa sent me these blocks as part of the Farmer's Wife block swap we do. The fotos don't do its justice.

She made me this adorable book cover, which I absolutely love... I already had the right size notebook and it fits perfectly.

And lastly, I want to dedicate to all of you who read my blog and send me lovely messages regularly, this mauve rose, the foto which I took this morning in my garden.... its has a wonderful fragance.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Autumn Quilt

Autumn is here..... my favourite season of the year. I love it because some days we have blue skies and sunshine and other days it's cloudy wet or windy. Inspiration for me comes from variety in all aspects of life.

Today is cloudy and warm and we had rain overnight. I just took this picture of my latest completed project.  It's another gift quilt.

Years ago I did a class based on Ricky Tims's technique of Convergence Quilts.
That's the quilt block in the centre of the quilt.  Like so many quilters, I often try out blocks or have extra blocks for projects or simply don't like the particular fabrics chosen, so I have accummulated these over the years.
So this quilt is purely made from leftovers blocks. The only planning that I had to do, was making the sides of the 4 patch blocks to ensure they would fit.

I made these blocks a couple of weeks ago for my friend  Teresa as part of our swap of Farmer's Wife Blocks.  Now that the blocks have reached her, I can share the pictures.

And given that I started on the Autumn theme, I'll end the same way, with a classic song that I adore....