Quilting by Celia

Quilting by Celia

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Quilt for my mum

Back in December 2010, I wanted to try a new technique for making pinwheels that didn't require cutting out triangles. I made up the blocks so fast that I ended up with a top done very quickly.
Its now been quilted and I am giving it to my mom when I see her early April.

Its going to be a surprise..

Here it is...

And a close up to show the quilting stitches...

I really like the way it turned out.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monthly Exchange and Marion Meadows

This is the second month Jan-Marie and I have been exchanging blocks in the same colour as the 2011 Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

Jan-Marie  made these lovely Star and Grandama's Flower Garden blocks for me...
Thank you my friend....

Can you guess what the little yellow thing is ???  I'll tell you at the end of this posting.....

And this is what I made for her ...

But now for some music....

    Marion Meadows is an American saxophonist, composer, and smooth jazz recording artist.  He has released many albuns .
I hope you enjoy as much as I do the music of the very seductive Marion Meadows...

The answer was.... a finger pincushion!!

I am hoping to have on my next blog post a completed lap quilt that I made for my mom when I see her in April.  She doesn't read this blog so its ok to show it. The other quilts I am completing as gifts I won't be able to show in case the recipients may read this blog.

My collection of Shweshwe fabrics

As I had mentioned in a previous posting, I collect African fabrics.

The ones I'm showing today are from my collection and they are known as Shweshwe. 

This fabric is a traditional wax coated 100% cotton fabric originally created to make traditional garments in South Africa. The word means "the sound the cloth makes when you walk".  The fabric has been made more popular internationally by Nelson Mandela, who is often seen wearing a Shweshwe shirt.  

Traditional colours are red, indigo ,brown and  brown/yellow. 

The Three Leopards range introduces new designs on a regular basis.

The Three Cats range is sourced from a closed library of designs.   


I love these fabrics so much I am always reluctant to cut them up, so I haven't done too many projects with them.
I have made a couple of needlecases, one in red for my mom and this one in brown for myself.

For more info check out Da Gama Textiles They have compiled a wealth of very interesting information around the culture and origin of these wonderful textiles.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

African theme

Now that Sandy ( Quilting for the Rest of Us  ) has received what I made for her, I feel free to post a picture of this carry bag.

It was made from a selection of the many african fabrics I have. 

The design on these fabrics are based on the art and culture of the Ndebele people of Southern Africa. 


Their colourful dress and bright, happy geometric designs on the homes are easily recognisable.  

Ndebele women are responsible for painting the colourful and intricate patterns on the walls of their houses. The characteristic symmetry, proportion and straight edges of Ndebele decorations were done by hand without the help of rulers and squares.  

I made this bag (my own design) with the above fabrics, lots of embroidery and beads.

And this cushion, with beads, embroidery and applique...also my own design.
This was the first time I used Prairie points in a project.

I have made several other projects with Africa fabrics from different collections which I'll blog another time.

Now its time to progress with my third quilt that needs to be completed by early April to be given as a birthday gifts when I  travel to Africa.  Those projects can't be blogged in too much detail until they are given to the recipients...

Civil War Bride Quilt - block 4

Another block completed, Sixteen to go...
It wasn't an hard one to do, although the feet may need redoing. In the meantime I've started appliqueing the next one.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Little pouch and Brian Simpson

I completed a little pouch based on a Brasilian tutorial I found on Youtube. This is the link to the  tutorial .
Although I can understand the language I think the video is simple enough for anyone to follow.
There is not much sewing to do, so its quick to make. Here is my version.

The fabrics came from my stash as well as the buttons. The fabric covered buttons on the side pockets were from my grandma's collection box. They must be at least 50 years old. She used to have all her clothes made and the buttons were covered with the same fabric as the garment.
I am using it to carry my iPhone charger in my bag and its the perfect size for that.

And now some music....

"Its all good" and that is the title of the track I want to feature from Brian Simpson with David Koz on sax.
Brian Simpson grew up in Illinois and is a  jazz musician and  musical director of great talent.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Go Red... and Emily

I've made an attempt to get going on my red blocks. At the end of the challenge I should be able to complete a quilt or two with all the different colour blocks.

This week, we got a new addition to our household.
Her name is Emily, she is approximately 9 years old and we purchased her from the shelter. She is so sweet, toilet trained, well behaved and very responsive. She is a Jack Russell Terrier ...

And not to be left out (or my daughter will get upsed) this is the other resident...
You can read more about him on  htt://

Friday, February 4, 2011

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - Red

February's colour is RED for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge ! I love red in all sorts of ways; quilts, stitcheries, bags and home decor... my family room curtains are red (tomato red).

I have started selecting my red scraps.  I don't have a lot of scraps but quite a big stash of red fabrics which I won't use as I want to be true to the challenge and my 2011 goals and just use my scraps..

But in the meantime I'll post some projects I completed in the past using RED ...

I love bags and red stitcheries are so adorable. The pattern for this bag came from a magazine and this stitchery and  all the others came from Bronwyn Hayes designs.

The other side of the bag..

I made a quilt with a number of Redwork blocks...

This little quilt now stands on a footstool, where my cat sleeps on....
It was needleturn applique but its now faded from the sun, so its good enough to be used in a pet bed...

Hopefully I can find some sewing time this weekend...