Quilting by Celia

Quilting by Celia

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Applique Vases Quilt & my Travels

Finally finished this quilt top !!! 

I began it in a class many years ago and everyone in the class made theirs using Civil War prints but I opted for brights.  At that time, it wasn't so popular using these types of prints like it is now but I wanted to do something different and add to my fabric stash these colours and designs.  I used needleturn applique and a bit of embroidery.

The vases are in black and white to tie the theme together as well as using polka dot fabrics.

I wanted to keep it simple so I just added applique vines on two opposite sides in the border.

And this is the completed top.
I am going to put it aside for now and may consider doing more applique.  
Do you think it needs more applique ?

And now for what I have been planning for over a year....

I'm going to be doing my first Smooth Jazz cruise. We leave Australia later this week to fly to UK, Scotland and Lisbon to see some of our family and friends and then my cousin and I (husband and daughter not coming) are boarding the ship in Barcelona....

This is a dream of a lifetime to visit some of the most historic European cities in the Mediterranean and enjoy the music as well as hanging out with some of my favourite smooth Jazz artists.