Quilting by Celia

Quilting by Celia

Sunday, February 13, 2011

African theme

Now that Sandy ( Quilting for the Rest of Us  ) has received what I made for her, I feel free to post a picture of this carry bag.

It was made from a selection of the many african fabrics I have. 

The design on these fabrics are based on the art and culture of the Ndebele people of Southern Africa. 


Their colourful dress and bright, happy geometric designs on the homes are easily recognisable.  

Ndebele women are responsible for painting the colourful and intricate patterns on the walls of their houses. The characteristic symmetry, proportion and straight edges of Ndebele decorations were done by hand without the help of rulers and squares.  

I made this bag (my own design) with the above fabrics, lots of embroidery and beads.

And this cushion, with beads, embroidery and applique...also my own design.
This was the first time I used Prairie points in a project.

I have made several other projects with Africa fabrics from different collections which I'll blog another time.

Now its time to progress with my third quilt that needs to be completed by early April to be given as a birthday gifts when I  travel to Africa.  Those projects can't be blogged in too much detail until they are given to the recipients...


  1. Love the fabrics and so much more meaningful when you know the origins of the designs!

  2. Thanks again, Celia--I love the bag you sent me! The Ndebele tribe women have a beautiful eye for design!And the fabrics are great. I'll look forward to seeing more pictures....

  3. love it, as everything you make!

  4. So bright and colorful! Love the beadwork and embroidery! Good job!


  5. Os tecidos sãos lindos e a almofada está fantástica.

  6. These are lovely and bright! Are you from South Africa originally?

  7. Hello Celia,

    I just adore your cushion and bag. Thanks for the info about Africa, always interested to hear about different cultures etc.
    Happy Monday.

  8. Wow....they are all gorgeous....the fabric is beautiful....

  9. hey Celia a south african myself iam proud to see the vibrancy in the fabrics .if i may ask how can i order the ndebele fabrics for myself.


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