Quilting by Celia

Quilting by Celia

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tea or Coffee ?

This week I needed to re-visit my UFO box, mainly because working on on-going blocks doesn't give me the feeling that I'm achieving very much.
Earlier in the year I had sorted all the unfinished projects and those left in the box are the ones I still like and want to complete.

So this is the project I decided to tackle this week... looks like a crumpled mess...

It was a Block of the Month many years ago. It took a considerable amount of work to get to this stage as it was hand applique using blanket stitch. I did enjoy making it but put it aside when after completing the applique, had still to do further embroidery and embelishments.

Got that out of the way and began quilting.

For those who follow my blog, the majority of my quilts I send away to be quilted as I am not very creative with this task.  However it becomes quite expensive when I complete several tops a year and none are to be displayed on any shows. So for this one, I decided to do it myself in a very simple manner.

Here is a close-up of some of the embelishments.

And some more embelishments.

I quite like the way the beads turned out....

There is no doubt that the design is Australian...

And the finished quilt hanging on the wall in the family room....

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Works in progress

This week has been a time for catching up with on-going projects.

I completed my 11th block of the Civil War Bride quilt. The berries were quite a challenge but eventually they came together.

I also am trying to catch up on earlier blocks of the Farmer's Wife quilt and made block 4 and block 10. Have a couple more started.

I placed these blocks on a crochet tablecloth I made years ago. Wish I had more spare time and less sore hands to be able to still do fillet crochet.

My friend  Jan-Maree sent me these gorgeous blocks for the swap we have been doing since the beginning of the year. They are adorable and she and I are already talking about what we may swap with each other for next year. I have enjoyed doing this with her and she is a great inspiration. Check out her blog to see how much she does !

And finally, I received from my other quilting pal Susan these blocks. We are exchanging blocks from the Civil War Quilts blog patterns published each week.
They look fantastic with the blocks that I already have.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gifts received and small projects

I received these lovely gifts in the mail this week from Teresa with the Farmer's Wife swaps we are doing. I just adore all bags and also collect pincushions so I'm very happy about it. Thanks Teresa !

These are the beautiful blocks she made me. Its great to have a quilting pal on the other side of the world that happens to be living in the same country of my birth.  Portugal doesn't have a quilting tradition but by all accounts there are some talented girls there and quilting is becoming popular.

Yesterday I went to take a look at a Stash Buster Market and picked up some fat quarters and some little blocks which were meant to be a small wall hanging. I unpicked them apart and ...

made a tote just for the fun of it..

The other side of the tote...

During the week I worked on my UFO's and one of those decided that it was no longer interested...

But I'm still very much interested making these miniature logcabins blocks (4 1/4"). 
I completed this week another 9 blocks with my small scraps.... Have 49 completed and will keep going as its such an addictive block to make..

And now for some music...

This time I'm featuring a girl by the name of Cindy Bradley, an American contemporary  jazz trumpet player from New York.  She has 4 albuns to her name and numerous wards well deserved.  
I guess I have a particular like for trumpet players (Chris Botti being my idol) as also because my young daughter also plays the trumpet.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Another UFO completed - table topper

Today I went over the UFO box to see what I could tackle next.

I can't recall when I began this project but it must have been several years ago.
The pattern was from an Australian magazine and this queen-size quilt was designed to have four large identical blocks.  Each block was pre-quilted and and the applique was to be done on top using needle turn method.

After I began the first block, I realised that it would have been better if the applique was done by machine, so I lost interest in the project.

I didn't have much to do, to complete one of the blocks apart from the embroidery, added a couple of yo-yo's as the flower centres and the binding.

So its now over my coffee table and it looks as if it was made for this purpose.

Other blocks I have completed this week yet.

Blocks 36,38 and 40 of Barbara Brackman Civil War blog.

Block 8, 12 and 16 of the Farmer's Wife.

I'm returning to work next week so my sewing time will be considerably less with more focus on hand work.

And now some music....

Another awsome contemporary jazz artist I love his music is Brian Culbertson from Illionois. His sound is heavily influenced by funk and he has released over 12 albuns to date. Hopefully I'll see him live next year.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day out involving quilting...

I had a lovely day out with a group of quilters.

Our first stop was at my favourite quilt shop Threadbear Patchwork & Quilting in Castlemaine.

They specialise in reproduction quilts of the 1800s and have many original designs from that era that are unique to their shop.

Here's me below smiling after I purchased my goodies....

I could not help myself so I purchased the pattern called Gardenhurst...


They had the sample made up in the shop.

Gorgeous corner in the store...

More of the patterns they offer..

We then went to Bendigo Art Gallery to view The White Wedding Dress exhibition. The dresses which came from the  Victoria & Albert Museum ranged in styles from romantic to glamorous to extravagant.

After that we travelled to another couple of quilt shops, each very different in styles of fabrics.
I had never been to Honeysuckle Stained Glass & Patchwork . They had some amazing stained glass which enhanced their patchwork merchandise.

Their stock caters for all tastes.

And finally here is my friend Susan. She makes beautiful quilts, loves reproductions fabrics like me and maybe one day she may share some photos of her work on this blog.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Grace top completed...

The Grace quilt top is done... I got the kit from The Thrifty Needle online store and the end of August.

Here is a closeup of the blocks before I put the quilt together...

And this is the top done.... 72" x 72" (app. 183cm x 183cm).
Not sure when I get around to getting it quilted.  I think I need a quilting machine to do the many tops I have, as its very expensive to send them away to be quilted every time I complete one.

After I tidy up my studio today I'll be evaluating which project in progress I need to pick up next.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Farmer's Wife Blocks and Quilt

My friend Jennifer come to visit this week with a top she has just completed.
She has been collecting American themed fabrics for a long time and this is what she made...

On my own projects, I've now completed the blocks for the Grace Quilt. Its a large size quilt.  Hopefully will put the top together in the next few days and will post a photo.

Made some Farmer's Wife blocks...