Quilting by Celia

Quilting by Celia

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Autumn Quilt

Autumn is here..... my favourite season of the year. I love it because some days we have blue skies and sunshine and other days it's cloudy wet or windy. Inspiration for me comes from variety in all aspects of life.

Today is cloudy and warm and we had rain overnight. I just took this picture of my latest completed project.  It's another gift quilt.

Years ago I did a class based on Ricky Tims's technique of Convergence Quilts.
That's the quilt block in the centre of the quilt.  Like so many quilters, I often try out blocks or have extra blocks for projects or simply don't like the particular fabrics chosen, so I have accummulated these over the years.
So this quilt is purely made from leftovers blocks. The only planning that I had to do, was making the sides of the 4 patch blocks to ensure they would fit.

I made these blocks a couple of weeks ago for my friend  Teresa as part of our swap of Farmer's Wife Blocks.  Now that the blocks have reached her, I can share the pictures.

And given that I started on the Autumn theme, I'll end the same way, with a classic song that I adore....