Quilting by Celia

Quilting by Celia

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Celtice Solstice - Reveal, Angels quilt and other quilting

The mystery quilt is no longer a mystery and many of us were quite surprised that the clues were over and it was time to make up the blocks. I have made some blocks. 
I quite like them but made mine slightly different to enhance the contrast. Although I used a lot of different fabrics it would have been better to use only the darker shades (ie not light pinks or light greens).   But it still looks nice  and a second pattern emerges  when looked at it from afar.


Finally finished quilting, binding and labelling the Angels quilt below.
I think I started this quilt over 10 years ago. After doing all the applique (blanket stitch) blocks they sat for a long time before  I decided to join all the blocks and only recently I decided to machine quilt it.  
The photographs don't show how beautiful it turned out.

I used a variegated thread of cream, pink and brown.
What else have I been doing ? 
I have made some blue blocks as part of the Rainbown Scrap Challenge . Each month we work on a project(s) with the colour selected and this month is blue.  All the fabrics are from my stash and I am using some of my least favourite fabrics.

I have a lot of solid fabrics so I was trying out some blocks but not too successful.
It's all part of the creative process and I already have some 'plans' in mind of what to do with some these blocks.

This week I visited IKEA and could not resist buying these plates to hang up above the bay window in my studio.

And as a good start to the weekend we went for a lovely meal at Miss Marples in Sassafras, a lovely village up on the mountains, not so far from where I live. The weather was lovely and there are many quaint shops to indulge...
Such as this store with a huge variety of teas and tea pots...