Quilting by Celia

Quilting by Celia

Friday, March 29, 2013

Bowtie Block Quilt

The Bowtie block lends itself to so many desings and styles and it's so quick to make.
I have used it in so many quilts, I am beginning to think it's one of my favourite blocks.

I made this quilt for a male friend who loves browns and blues.  I think it will look fabulous in the decor of his study.
All the fabrics came from my stash and I have been keeping the brown background fabric for a long time; it's the perfect choice for this quilt.

The photo below was taken indoors, so the fabrics look different with artificial lights.
It's been so great using the HQ18 ; having the option to quilt my own larger quilts has removed completly the hesitation in just starting a new project, knowing that it won't just sit as a UFO.

Because my friend lives outside Australia, I decided to do the back of the quilt with an Australian flavour. He'll certainly appreciate it as he has visited here before a couple of times and was very inpressed with this art.

So, what should I work on next ? Still have a few tops to be quited, Farmer's Wife Blocks to make into a top, Barbara Brackman's blocks from last year's blog to make into a top, want to make more bags, pincushions, other cushions, mini quilts, etc, etc.... Love it all !!!!


  1. Bow tie quilts have never been favorites of mine, but I really, really like the way you set these together - I might have to change my mind about liking them now! LOL Love that backing fabric too!

  2. Love this bow tie quilt! The bow tie block is one of my favourites and I like how you've set them. Neat quilting also :)

  3. Love this quilt and the unique use of the bow tie block, I've never seen this before.

  4. The quilt looks wonderful. Bowtie blocks are so versatile. I have a made a runner using those blocks too.
    The backing fabric is awesome! Love the vibrant colors and the print.
    I'm so jealous of your HQ.....

  5. I really like this setting, and the color choices are very nice too. Backing fabric is wonderful!

  6. Love this one! I've never tried this block before, but you made me want to try it! Gorgeous!

  7. Apparently, somewhere in the late 20th century, the bow tie became endangered. Rob Walker wrote in Slate that the bow tie is the “the nose ring of the conservative.” bow ties

  8. What a clever idea! It looks so different. I just love it, busy with my bowtie blocks, I love stitching them by hand. I cannot wait to try out this pattern.
    Fay Cape Town South Africa


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