Quilting by Celia

Quilting by Celia

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Table Runner and African fabrics quilt and much more...

A lot has happened since I last blogged. 
My husband was involved in a car crash landing him in hospital with a sternal fracture and both cars involved in the collition at the scrap yard. I am grateful as we stand because it could have been a lot worse.  One of the positives is that I now have a brand new car and he's taken over the car I normally drive, which is about 3 years old with very low mileage.
So with having to sort out a few issues, the sewing has taken a back seat.
I am pleased to share in this posting what I had in progress is now completed.
This table runner started up as a wall hanging but once I had done the applique flowers, I didn't like the design on the pattern after all.
And given that I actually wanted a runner for this cabinet, I made it to fit.
The applique is wool but the centres are cotton.

In the past whenever I completed a quit top, it was considered done; not so now.
Since acquiring the Handi Quilter that definition has changed;  it's completed when the quilting and binding are done and I tend not to blog about it until it's at that stage.

All the fabrics for this quilt came from my African fabrics stash which I purchased in South Africa many years ago. I don't know what this block is called but I have seen it in many quilts but not the way I have arranged the blocks to form 'steps' hence I named it "Stairway to Heaven".

I made it for a relative who lives in Africa.

Recently I participated in a pincushion swap and received this cute pincushion.

My friend Lynne who often inspires me with her beautiful work gave me a book by Tula Pink and these lovely fabrics.   She knows that I have eclectic tastes in quilting so a twist of modern is something I am enjoying.

Just an aside, the little painted bird house on the right, I painted years ago when I was very involved in tole painting.  If time permited I would have love to still persue this hobby.

I follow Katheleen Tracy's blog and she has created a group with the aim of each participant completing each month, a small quilt from her books. Her work is so adorable that I decided to order her books and have a go.  Probably will start with the recent month's project and will try to catch up on the backdated projects.

And finally another couple books I received in the mail this week as part of educating myself and became a better quilter.
And of course a bit more fabric again...
Autumn is with us and my favourite season.... my garden is still showing off and I am loving it.


  1. Hi Celia,
    Parece que temos que ir à bruxa. Tudo nos acontece!
    Como vai o teu marido, o acidente deve ter sido horrivel.
    Por aqui as coisas vão indo, o meu marido está melhor mas agora é o meu filho que tem que fazer uma cirurgia. nada de grave mas a recuperação é lenta. Depois digo como correu.
    Adoro os teus novos livros e tecidos, também gostava de os ter, sei que vais fazer trabalhos lindos.

  2. Hi Celia - so glad your hubby survived his car crash! Makes you realize how fortunate you usually are, huh? Your runner has turned out wonderfully with those darling little flowers! I love Kathleen's books too and own each one of them. Cute little pincushion!

  3. Hi Celia,

    espero que tudo esteja resolvido e tenha voltado ao seu normal. Amei o Table runner, adoro aplicações de lã em tecido. Ficou fantástico!! Sua manta ficou maravilhosa e as rosas estão magníficas. Amo galinhas! e este pincushion ainda quero fazer, rsss

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