Quilting by Celia

Quilting by Celia

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Back in 'business'....sewing and enjoying the garden.

Well, it's not business in the true sense of the word but getting back to my routine of quilting for my own pleasure.
I have fully recovered from jetlag and got back into doing a little stitching during the day (lunch breaks and waiting for picking up daughter after school) and then after dinner  going into my studio to sew while listening to podcasts and/or smooth jazz.  Those are very precious hours in my day when I am lost in another dimension and totally indulge in my two passions : quilting and music.

Talking of podcasts, this week I found two podacasts  that I wasn't aware of and quite enjoyed listening to what the girls presented: one is called  Canadian Quilt Talk and the other is Amy's Creative Side.

My time management worked out for me this week so I finally achieved a promise I made to my friend Debra. She celebrated her birthday while I was away and just prior to that I did not have time to finish a quilt I had promised her.

But it's done and in her bedroom. She appears to be quite pleased in the photo.
The past few months I made many projects to take over to my family and friends overseas as well as familiarise myself with the Handy Quilter I bought earlier in the year. I still have a long way to go to improve my quilting skills so I have purchased several Craftsy classes to help me along the way. 

I visited my regular fabric store this week and my friend Lynne who works there, gave me these two beautiful gifts she made for me :

This is a close up of the thread-catcher..

And she also made me a needle case storage organizer. Thank you so much Lynne.
I admire all the things she makes and her talents extend to embroidery, applique,  patchwork, making bags and other items and even sews a lot of her own clothes.  I wish I could persuade her to start a blog one day so you all could enjoy looking at her beautiful projects.

I could not leave the store without buying just a little...The bottom fabric in the pile is currently being used in a project which hopefully I can show you on my next posting...

Spring is now making it's presence and I can see that in the garden ; the perfume especially at night is very intense and in the past two days it feels good being outside.
My gazebo is just about covered...Can you see my daughter in there ?
 These were taken on my recent trip to Dubai, very interesting designs which could be used for quilt blocks.

So until next time, happy quilting and feel free to make a comment or get in touch.