Quilting by Celia

Quilting by Celia

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Orca Bay top completed

Many quilters are now doing Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt called Easy Street and as much as I wanted to join in, I decided instead to finish last year's mystery quilt called Orca Bay.
I had kept up with all the steps each week deligently but when it came to put it all together I found that the darker Ohio Star blocks lacked contrast and realised that unless I made new blocks the overall design of the quilt would not look as it was intended.  So, rather discouraged after putting so much work into the many blocks, I set it all aside.

Finally I pulled all the blocks out of the box and studied them carefully to see how I was going to tackle the task at hand. I tried to save as many of the completed blocks but I still had to make many blocks and re-piece some parts of other completed blocks.

And here it is !
The finished top is  not as large as the original one although I actually made all the blocks with the exception of the darker Ohio Star blocks. One day I'll use the leftover blocks and make something else.
The border blocks would not fit so I opted for a simple sashing for the border...
I guess at the end, it's better to have a completed quilt than to agonise over a quilt that was intended to be a fun way to use up some of my stash.
Wishing you all a creative 2013 !


  1. I think it is a lovely finish and thats great you pulled it out to do something with it even though I know you were disappointed with the contrast. I think it turned out beautiful!

  2. I love these colors together (recently I love anything blue & yellow!). It must feel great to finish a quilt with so many little pieces!

  3. I can see a lot of work and patience went into this quilt with so many little pieces and the result is a really pretty quilt! Love the color combo, especially the blue and yellow together. I suppose you could sash it again if you want to make it a bit bigger.

  4. This looks great! Way worth the work!


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