Quilting by Celia

Quilting by Celia

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Reproduction quilt, tote and Xmas shopping

My Christmas treat arrived yesterday in the form of quilting and craft supplies. From hundreds of threads to rulers, buttons, bias makers, machine sewing needles, cord, craft glue, fusible adhesive (for applique), etc I had a great time at the wharehouse. There was so much more I saw but it has to wait for the next visit. I also managed to place a book order with Amazon and expected arrival date will be mid January. If time permits there will be a quick visit to the quilt store on my way to another appointment today.
And that should end all the quilty related purchases for the year.... maybe.

Here is my loot !

And in case there is a thread shortage in the future (hee hee) I got these as well ! 600 in total.

I have had a request to show the entire quilt top from which the banner of my blog comes from. The photo doesn't do its justice to the colours and design and I may one day take close ups of some of the blocks. The applique technique used was needleturn (my favourite method) and some of the blocks were machine pieced.  It was part of a " block of the month" program  started a couple of years ago which I completed this year. I haven't decided how to quilt it .

The tote I'm featuring today was made for a friend in New Zealand. I embroidered the center panel and added some beads to give it a three dimensional look.

Feature music ....

Today I'm featuring Gregg Karukas. He is a smooth Jazz Keyboardist and pianist originally from Washington, D.C.