Quilting by Celia

Quilting by Celia

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Xmas quilt, Envelope Bag and more Scraps...

Last year I made a Xmas quilt to hang up on the wall above the piano.
It was made entirely from my stash and the pattern came from an Australian quilting magazine I subscribe.

Its hanging up again for this years' festive season. I had taken a photo of the completed top.

After completing last week's bag,  I was left with a smaller piece ofthe same fabric,  so I made a quick envelope bag.  May end up as a gift when I need one in a hurry.

Back to the scraps...........

The 'Crumb block' continues to occupy my imagination.  How to use these blocks in a quilt and incorporate other scraps to form new blocks and design settings.
Went over my  scraps and put aside the solid fabrics. I did not realise how many and varied they were, so I have already started another project to incorporate these. More of that in future blog posts..
I had some  "Dear Jane" blocks I started making years ago.  These blocks were made from my stash but  after a while I lost interest in that project. So, this is a good way of putting them to good use.

I came up with a unit made up of 9 blocks incorporating the Crumb block, a Dear Jane block and fabrics from a variety of charm packs. To tie it all together, I used my solid fabrics to make up the sashings...

In this unit the centre is the Dear Jane block but I may end up  using  another Crumb block.  I am still deciding  how to join all the units together; it will come once I have completed more of the units.
I have 4 so far...

Putting these blocks together has been an exercise in colour combinations and a great use of my scraps.  I have still so many of these smaller scraps left to keep my imagination going and came up with new blocks and projects...